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Collectible List

by Syntaxvgm on Jan 31, 2023

All collectibles come with orange text (which will be made the normal blue when renamed on an anvil).

A collectible that was renamed is still distinguishable by the purple lore text.

Some collectibles are spelled "collectable". I know. It keeps me awake at night.

The following are the currently available collectibles.


Flinglonger item

Flinglonger Tooltip

The flinglonger allows you to encourage those sheep to move a little faster, or play golf using villagers.

Kevlar Beetle Wings

Kevlar Beetle Wings item

Kevlar Beetle Wings Tooltip

An elytra with protection 4. Mending and Unbreaking 3 can be applied as well.

Transferable Crossbow

Transferable Crossbow item

Transferable Crossbow Tooltip

Fully semi-semiautomatic! This pre-'86 crossbow fires as fast as you can (double) click. Use it as your regular bow or add multishot for some mayhem!

Recurse Bow

Recurse Bow item

Recurse Bow Tooltip

A mending infinity bow for people who experience a physical itch when their bow is the only item that has a yellow bar. Can be paired with other bow enchants like Power 5 and Unbreaking 3.

Snatch-It Hatchet

Snatch-It Hatchet item

Snatch-It Hatchet Tooltip

An axe with looting 3. Can be used with any other compatible axe enchants and upgraded to netherite if you wish.

The Throngler

The Throngler item

The Throngler Tooltip

There is only one way to get Throngled.

Can be used with any other compatible sword enchants and upgraded to netherite if you wish.

One Pick Pony

One Pick Pony item

One Pick Pony Tooltip

Mines deepslate and only deepslate fast.

Shear Force

Shear Force item

Shear Force Tooltip

Breaks glowstone, sea lanterns, redstone lamps, and all glass variants instantly.

Gem Stem

Gem Stem item

Gem Stem Tooltip

3 Pieces of Budding Amethyst to place where you please. You need 3 pieces for these to count as a single collectible.

Paul Funyun

Paul Funyun item

Paul Funyun Tooltip

You can burn your enemies with an axe now!

Kirkland Signature Bedrock

Kirkland Signature Bedrock item

Kirkland Signature Bedrock Tooltip

Reinforced deepslate is breakable (with great effort) by players but is not normally obtainable. Cannot be broken by withers.

Hoof Hearted

Hoof Hearted item

Hoof Hearted Tooltip

Spawns a tamed zombie horse with a saddle and maxed regular horse stats. Cannot wear horse armor.

Press right click while holding the collectible to consume it for the horse.

Or left click.

It's kinda broken right now.

Also shift right clicking on a chest DOES NOT prevent it from spawning. Be careful with it. Keep it out of your hand.

Make a ticket if you accidentally summoned this anyway I guess. A ton of people have already done it.

If you were a block, I'd put you on my shelf and cherish you like I cherish all of our blocks.