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Extractmas 2 Rewards

by Syntaxvgm on Nov 30, 2023

What is Extractmas 2?

Vote from now all the way until Anarchy Day (December 21st) to receive tickets for each vote. These tickets can be traded in at spawn for rewards next map!

There are about 100 possible tickets.

Rewards for Extractmas 2 will be handed out 24 hours after the next map starts, not immediately! Choose your rewards based on that. Make sure to turn your tickets in before Anarchy Day!

Rewards will be delivered to your enderchest or, if it's full, to where you are at. Kits will come in a chest.

List of Rewards

Extractmas 2 Rewards
Tickets Reward Description
1 Steak Dinner 8 Cooked Steaks
2 16 Glow Ink Sacs  
3 Iron Block Single Iron Block
3 Full Iron Kit A kit with items as shown:
Full Iron Kit
5 Cowboy Kit 3 leads and a saddle
5 16 Ender Pearl  
5 2-Tall Flower Pack A pack of all four 2 tall flower varieties
2-Tall Flower Pack
5 64 Bone Blocks  
5 16 Redstone Blocks  
5 Avid Reader 8 Books (Blank Regular for enchanting)
10 Late starter's Kit A kit with items as shown:
Late Starter's Kit
10 Anvil Single Anvil
10 Oprah's Surprise A bee nest with 3 bees inside.
10 Mussolini's Secret 32 Gold Rails
10 Turtle Egg Single turtle egg
10 16 Blaze rods  
10 Timekeeping rocks 64 Quartz, the crystal variety
15 Rusty but gentle Iron Pick with Silk Touch enchantment (only)
15 Villager Zombie Kit A kit with items as shown:
Villager Zombie Kit
15 Overworld Sapling Kit A kit with items as shown:
Overworld Sapling Kit
15 5 Slime Blocks  
20 Shulker Box Single shulker box, drab and uncolored
20 Enderchest Single enderchest. This one will be delivered to your inventory or where you are.
20 Nether Tree/Crop Kit A kit with items as shown:
Nether Tree/Crop Kit
20 Diamond Pick A Diamond Pick with no enchantments
25 Overworld Seed Kit A kit with items as shown:
Overworld Seed Kit
25 Mending Book A single Mending Book
25 Fortune 3 book A Single Fortune 3 Book
30 Oops, all wood! A kit filled with all of the overworld wood varieties, as shown:
Oops, all wood!
30 Diamond Pick with Mending A diamond pickaxe with the mending enchantment applied (only)
30 Silk touch diamond pic A diamond pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment applied (only)
30 Fortune 3 diamond pic A diamond pickaxe with the Fortune enchantment applied (only)
50 Base in a Box A kit with exactly what you need, and only what you need, to construct the base shown below the table with a schamtic download.
Base in a Box
90 I'm Special Trade a bunch of votes for a trinket that does nothing.
I'm Special

Base in a box

Base In a Box

More pics the of base in a box. Base In a Box Base In a Box Base In a Box Base In a Box

Schematic Download

Thanks for voting!

Since we're starting on the 22nd, the new map boost doesn't help as much since voting sites reset on the first of the month. Extractmas helps us make up some of that ground!


If you were a block, I'd put you on my shelf and cherish you like I cherish all of our blocks.