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How to make a ticket

by Syntaxvgm on May 2, 2023

Making a ticket is the proper way to get help for an issue. It's much better than a DM, as everyone on support gets a notice, and Syntax doesn't have to keep marking things unread so he doesn't forget to deal with something when he has time
Please stop DMing Syntax.
Please. For the love of god, please.

The support section

Navigate to the "support" section on discord.

click the damn button

Click the "Talk to staff" button.

write about your stupid issue

Write about your perfectly valid issue and we'll receive your ticket.

Your stupid issue wont go away

Your ticket will stay open on our end until it is closed by you or us. This is the best way to make sure your issue isn't forgotten about. Upon closing a ticket, a transcript will be provided to you. The bot we use does not preserve pictures in the transcript, so save any you need before closing.


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