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How our Nether Highway Works

by Syntaxvgm on May 2, 2023

We don't have teleports, and instead we navigate by nether tunnels using boats on ice.

There are tunnels at 0 each cardinal direction, and these are built as part of a community project. They are built out to the current world border whatever it happens to be. If it's early in a map or soon after an expansion, pay attention to nether tunnel project discussions in discord to learn about how you can help build or provide supplies if you want to.

The following are the rules for nether tunnels-

  • Your tunnel should be at a height such that you are standing at Y 115.
  • You should be in the main tunnel that results in the shortest branch. This is to avoid crossing tunnels.
  • Your tunnel should be a straight shot from the main tunnel to your potal. No turns- keep it within the alloted width.
  • The tunnel width is 9x9 (11x11 with walls) centered on the door. The width is a maximum and you are not required to use it all.
  • If you have a nearby second portal, make a second tunnel. Only connect them sideways if they are directly next to each other (still need to label your second interest)
  • If you want a shorter path to further adjacent tunnel, use the nether roof.
  • Make a dynmap marker with your name at your tunnel enterence to help people find it.
  • Use only regular ice to repair the main tunnels, and never place light sources.
  • We also suggest regular ice for your tunnels. There is always a public ice farm, check the public locations discord channel. Regular ice prevents mobs spawns. Packed ice does not. Regular and packed ice are both 40 blocks a second, blue is 70.
  • Please spawn proof your tunnel such that mobs don't leak out into the main tunnel. Or make a gate of some kind.

If you are confused or need help, ask someone. A lot of players are willing to help you dig and connect your base to the main tunnels.

There are mulitple layers on the nether Dynmap, check them out! They are quite helpful for seeing existing tunnels.

Nether tunnels


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