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Vanilla Extract Server Rules

by Syntaxvgm on Jan 31, 2023


Respect people. Don’t be an asshole. Respect all groups.

Be careful with politics. Might be a thing best saved for voice channels, where you know everyone is ok with the subjects.

If you’re doing something that makes others uncomfortable, stop, even if their problem with it is weird to you. It might be best to take any discussion about a touchy subject to a private space with other willing participants.

If the support team asks you to stop, stop. Take it private if you want. Shutting down something that’s gotten out of hand doesn’t mean you’re in trouble.

Whatever beliefs you have, crazy or sane, Minecraft is not the hill to die on. You will be surrounded with people from many countries with different values. They are here to enjoy a happy hobby with you.

Personal harassment or advocacy of violence is the fastest way to get banned from this community.


  • No griefing
    Griefing is causing damage to any player or their property.
  • No Stealing
    Do not take something that doesn’t belong to you, even if seemingly valueless. Just ask, people are generous!
  • No trolling
  • No PVP without consent from all parties involved
  • No bug abuse- if you are unsure if something would count here just ask!
  • No X-Ray. No MRI.
  • Any bug discovered unique to our configuration or something that can cause issues like dupes with the core game should be reported to support.


Do not build inside the designated spawn area without asking appropriate people first. Spawn is 500x500 and marked on dynmap.

The Nether and Portals

The nether border is 20,000 every direction (40k diameter). You are allowed to build on the nether roof. Nether tunnels should be at y115 to keep everything standardized. You should hook up your nether portal to the nearest cardinal direction tunnel (NSEW). Feel free to ask others to help you get hooked up.

The End

If you already have an elytra, end raid on the north half of the map only. It’s common courtesy to give notice in chat when you are respawning the dragon.

Communication and Patience

When doing things like building next to someone's base, or somewhere you think they may want later, you ask! It’s simple and keeps everyone happy. This means you’ll have to wait for answers to some things like “do you need this tunnel anymore”. We encourage people to follow this guideline- just because you can, doesn't mean you shouldn’t ask. Happy neighbors make a happy server.

Ask support if you need to figure out who something belongs to and when they were last active.


Avoid bases larger than 750x750. Walls are allowed but please, for the love of god, don’t make a 750x750 wall and quit in a week. Off base builds/farms are allowed within reason. You’ll find that most people will look to see what’s near before building, and your need to make a wall diminishes the further you are from spawn.

Client Modifications

We’re friendly to most non cheaty client mods. If you’re unsure, ask us. We allow litematica, minimap mods, and probably most quality of life mods like minihud.


We intend to give as much freedom as possible to our more technical players to build something crazy, as well as our regular players who just want farms. Still, we have some rules.

  • No more than 100 friendly animals on a base.
  • No more than 100 villagers on a base
  • Limit minecarts where possible. Hopper minecarts are allowed, but use only as needed.
  • Make sure your farm doesn’t leave a bunch of ground items uncollected
  • Because we have a world border, only one ocean monument claim per person. You may raid unclaimed ones and leave them for the next person to make a farm.
  • Avoid excessive flashing dust
  • Use of slimestone and railstone is encouraged where possible
  • Follow all TNT duper guidelines
  • No chunk loaders except in the explicit approved instances
  • Caves inside the loading area of your base must be lit to the best of your abilities
  • It is ideal to separate farms you think are heavier on the server from other builds. Ex make a large gold farm, load only the gold farm.
  • If this is all confusing to you, there are redstone experts in the community to help you!


When making more complex and “bleeding edge” farms, as an advanced redstoner it is your responsibility to use tools like Carpet Mod in singleplayer to understand the lag implications before building to avoid having it removed later. If you are unsure whether to proceed, share your plans with Syntax, and get advice on how to approve from those in the community who like redstone.

These lag rules are something that you can earn flexibility from with time and trust. Some can also be broken WITH consultation from the support team. It is more important to follow the spirit of these rules than the hard limits- ask yourself WHY something is not allowed instead of skirting it by the ‘letter of the law’. Conversely, if you have a non impactful way to do something that's listed here, ask us!

Kicking the server while its down

If you are running heavy farms and see the TPS is low or there are a lot of players, it's best to stop them for now and run them when there's less people on.

Chunk Loaders

Chunk loaders are allowed for the following instance only- you have a farm that requires an overworld side and a nether side. It must work in such a way that you have to load one side to load the other- for example shulker farms. Be sure you know your plan is ok before proceeding!

Chunk loading otherwise is not allowed without specific approval from Syntax.

TNT Dupers

TNT dupers are allowed as we consider them a core part of modern minecraft redstone. However, you may only operate one duper based farm at any given time. Care must be used to isolate heavy farms with a lot of item output. Do not, for example, run a fast TNT cobble generator just for the sake of it. Run it because you need a ton of cobble. Stop your TNT cobble farm to run your TNT tree farm. One farm that needs multiple dupers firing at the same time must be approved by Syntax first. Multiple dupers only for the purpose of getting different positions is fine.

TNT duper quarries must be built only with plan approval from Support and run at scheduled times.

Bedrock Breaking

It’s allowed! If you want a roof hole like the cool kids, refer to a youtube guide or ask someone else to do it for you if you don’t know how. Remember they can’t be replaced once broken, so break wisely!

We don’t shoot from the hip!

Making mistakes isn’t always an instant ban, and admitting mistakes is a way to earn trust with the community. Most often, you’ll be told to stop doing something before simply having action taken. We catch rule breakers, but we also recognize your value- we want you to play here, and we want a happy community!


If you were a block, I'd put you on my shelf and cherish you like I cherish all of our blocks.